Kyler Murray “not very fond” of preseason games

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray didn’t play in the team’s first preseason game last week and that suited him just fine.

Murray said on Tuesday that he preferred the way last summer unfolded to the typical NFL preseason. Murray said he doesn’t like taking days off and, as a result, liked practicing “every day hard against your team and then you come out of the gates running” as opposed to the “weird flow” that comes with preseason games.

“It’s not real,” Murray said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “I see it as like, go out and play well, but it’s not real. You play bad, you’ve got a bad taste in your mouth. It’s reps, it’s live reps, so you take something away from it. But at the end of the day, this doesn’t count. I’m not very fond of it. I like going hard in practice and then on Sunday, let the chips fall where they may. The preseason, like I said, it doesn’t count.”

Murray’s distaste for the preseason isn’t expected to keep him from playing against the Chiefs on Friday night and the hope in Arizona will be that it will be a productive evening despite Murray’s desire to be somewhere else.